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Nvidia MCP67 Ethernet Driver

September 23rd, 2010

Download the MCP67 Ethernet driver for Acer laptops.

This is a very simple post – I want to make it easy … and free to get the MCP67 Network card drivers.


I was helping out a friend and removing the horror that is Windows Vista and replacing it with XP on an Acer Aspire.

After an hour of searching for the ACER MCP67 Ethernet Driver and being confronted with “pay $44.99 for this driver”, “sign up and pay only $19.99” and more, I worked out it was part of the NVidia 14.10_nforce_630a_winxp_english_whql.exe file. If you un-rar/un-zip the .exe file, you get a folder called Ethernet and it holds all the drivers you need (you can bin the rest of it).

However, there’s no need to go to the trouble as you can download it here – MCP67 Ethernet driver.

I do my best to SEO this post with MCP67 Ethernet Driver in the hope I can save you some time.

Download MCP67 Ethernet Driver

I’ll host this, for free as long as I am able to, if this post (and the download of the MCP67 Ethernet Driver for the Acer Aspire) was useful – link to this post and help some other folks out too.



Faster & Cheaper ADSL in Dunsborough

September 19th, 2010

Save money & enjoy quicker Internet access

Exetel’s ADSL & ADSL2 plans are now available in Dunsborough.

These are the best deals for your money, sign up here you receive a $15 – $25 credit Disclaimer: I am an Exetel agent (LITE953) and receive a credit to match yours. More Dunsborough ADSL plans are available at Exetel.

Standalone Broadband

Your phone stays with current provider (Telstra, AAPT)

Broadband & Phone Bundle

ADSL & Telephone service provided through Exetel

Exetel Line Rental & Call charges

Line Rental: $30.00 per month
Local calls: 18c (untimed)
National calls: 6c per min *
Calls to mobiles: 27c per min *
13/1300 Calls: 25c per call
* These calls incur a connection charge of 25 cents per call


Once you click to order you may be asked to enter your phone number to confirm that the service is available to your line.

It’s quite common to see “not available now” when checking the Dunsborough exchange – this is my result, even though I’m currently getting download speeds of 12 – 16 mbps.

Exetel will do a proper check on the line to ensure the service is available before signing you up.

I have used Exetel for the past 3 years, they have consistently offered higher download allowances at better prices than the major ADSL providers and a reliable ADSL service.


Learn what Google thinks of your Website

August 31st, 2010

I’ve been having a little break from Web Design today, the websites I’ve been working on are with the clients awaiting approval and I was off browsing the web for some inspiration and motivation.
I found a little Gem to help you get better results in Google. (more…)


Free Website Marketing from Google

August 13th, 2010

Google provides some great marketing tools for Businesses, I’ll start today with Google Maps as it it one of the simplest to set up and can be very effective for your Website and Business.



Webecho Media website re-design

August 9th, 2010

I’ve (almost) completed the new site re-design.

I decided to move my site over to the WordPress platform which will simplify posting articles and give me a more flexible website.