Nvidia MCP67 Ethernet Driver

September 23rd, 2010

Download the MCP67 Ethernet driver for Acer laptops.

This is a very simple post – I want to make it easy … and free to get the MCP67 Network card drivers.


I was helping out a friend and removing the horror that is Windows Vista and replacing it with XP on an Acer Aspire.

After an hour of searching for the ACER MCP67 Ethernet Driver and being confronted with “pay $44.99 for this driver”, “sign up and pay only $19.99” and more, I worked out it was part of the NVidia 14.10_nforce_630a_winxp_english_whql.exe file. If you un-rar/un-zip the .exe file, you get a folder called Ethernet and it holds all the drivers you need (you can bin the rest of it).

However, there’s no need to go to the trouble as you can download it here – MCP67 Ethernet driver.

I do my best to SEO this post with MCP67 Ethernet Driver in the hope I can save you some time.

Download MCP67 Ethernet Driver

I’ll host this, for free as long as I am able to, if this post (and the download of the MCP67 Ethernet Driver for the Acer Aspire) was useful – link to this post and help some other folks out too.




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