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August 13th, 2010

Google provides some great marketing tools for Businesses, I’ll start today with Google Maps as it it one of the simplest to set up and can be very effective for your Website and Business.

Google Maps

Free and quick to set up, put your Business on Google Maps.

  • Sign in with your Gmail account or set up a new account.
  • Fill in your contact details, add your website address and email then write a brief description (see Getting Descriptive for tips)
  • Add yourself to your relevant category (you can add more than one if required).
  • Choose your service area and, if applicable, your operating hours.
  • Select your payment options and then upload at least one Photo.
  • Add any additional details (see Getting Descriptive for tips)
  • Submit your listing

You will now be given the option of where you would like you confirmation PIN number sent – choose SMS to your mobile and you’ll receive the PIN within a few minutes.
You’ll have been re-directed back to your business listings page, enter your PIN and your listing will start to go live (your listing usually takes 48 hours to show up on Google Maps).

Getting Descriptive

You have 200 characters to describe your Business – Make sure you are including your Keywords in that description (“Our Beachfront Accommodation”, “Dunsborough’s best Mongolian Restaurant”, “…enjoy our Margaret River Wines”).

This description will be your first impression on your visitor – write something that will entice them to visit your website, try and do it without off putting Sales speak.

The additional details section provides another option to use your Keywords.
In my listing I have put my main Keywords –

  • Web Design : Yes
  • Website Marketing : Yes
  • Website Hosting : Yes

I’ve also included a little more in a few descriptions

  • Website Design : Hand coded, Accessible Websites to xHTML & CSS web standards
  • Search Engine Optimisation : Link Building, Copy optimisation, Website promotion & marketing

These additional details, as well as helping out my visitors so they know what services I offer will also associate those Keywords with my Business.

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