Dunsborough Website Design

I specialise in Website Design, SEO & Marketing for small businesses in the Dunsborough, Busselton & the Margaret River region.

I’ve lived in Dunsborough for almost 10 years and during my time have been heavily involved in Dunsborough tourism and appreciate the seasonality of the region, this understanding has given me the local knowledge that Web Design companies in Perth or Interstate don’t have.

Standing out

As a tourist destination, Dunsborough inevitably has a lot of competition in a few niche types of Business. The Dunsborough Accommodation market is one of the toughest and the large number of Margaret River Wineries and Restaurants all compete for seasonal business.

The biggest challenge for business in Dunsborough is how to stand out, it frustrates me to see local businesses with content crammed into look-alike template websites that achieve little more than providing an online presence and then being charged large monthly fees by SEO companies in order to try and stand out from the crowd.

It was best explained by Jeffrey Zeldman : (Best selling author of Designing with Web Standards, designer, and web standards godfather)

[A] Client who saves $5,000 buying cut-rate non-semantic HTML will later spend $25,000 on SEO consultant to compensate.

To expand on the message of that quote a little, a good website incorporates SEO, keyword targeting, research and planning from the start, they should not be extras.

If you’re one of those business paying up to $1500 a month for SEO – please get in touch, I’d like the opportunity to offer you some more cost effective solutions – no obligations.

Being Realistic

A well planned and designed website, on it’s own, isn’t going to solve all your marketing problems overnight, dedicated SEO can make a big difference and increase your customers.

The important thing is to make sure that any dedicated SEO you pay for has a solid, reliable base to work from. If the basics are wrong then the cost to ‘fix’ them grows exponentially.

So what can you do about it?

Take five minutes to give me a call or send me an email. I’ll take a quick look at your website and offer you some suggestions, there are quite often some simple improvements that won’t cost a lot of time or money.

Should your website require a lot of work to make it perform for you, I can offer you proposed changes and quotes so you can make an informed decision that suits your budget.

If you already know your website isn’t working for you or turning your visitors into customers, consider a full Website Analysis. You’ll receive a comprehensive report on the ‘health’ of your site, easy suggestions to improve the basics which can be implemented by you, your current designer or myself.