Web Design

Custom built xHTML & CSS driven websites to current web standards

Websites have very quickly become the single most important and effective way to advertise and build your business.

I provide custom built, hand coded websites, tailored to suit your Business needs. You won’t find any templates, website ‘packages’ or Flash based websites here.

A Website for your Business

This is the key, your website should serve your Customers by providing answers to their questions.
It doesn’t matter if you own a Restaurant, Holiday Home, Winery or provide a Plumbing or Electrical service – answer their questions quickly and easily and you will turn a visitor into a Customer.

How I will help you

I design every website with this Key goal in mind.

Produce an easy to use website that presents your products effectively and answers your Customers questions.

Standards based websites

I design websites to current web standards so they will work across the wide variety of browsers and platforms, be accessible to everyone and be forward compatible. Standards based design practices means that your site will be equally usable on Desktop and Laptop computers, Mobile Phones and newer devices like the iPad.

This clean optimised method of coding and producing websites also makes it easy for Search Engines like Google to understand what your website is about.

Understanding your Business

You know your business better than anyone. By working together with a solid idea of your Business and Customers, I can develop a custom website to suit your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Visibility, Relevance and Reputation are the three key factors in Website Optimisation.

Visibility – having a well structured and organised website makes it simple for Google to find all the information you offer.

Relevance – keeping your website ‘on topic’ and targeting Keywords and phrases makes your website more likely to appear higher in Search Engine results as ‘an answer to your customers questions’.

Reputation – providing useful, helpful content means you’re more likely to appear as ‘the answer to your customers questions’.

What’s next?

There’s obviously a lot more details about the sections I’ve briefly outlined above, take a look at my Web Design Articles which are updated regularly.

If you’d like to discuss your new website or just ask me a some questions, please get in touch.