Website Analysis

Get a ‘Health Check’ for your website.

I’ll provide a comprehensive report with suggestions to improve the performance of your website.

SEO Basics

A lot of websites are lacking the most simple and basic SEO efforts, these can dramatically improve the performance of your page.

Page Titles
Each page should have a unique page title that includes the relevant Keywords. These appear in the top of your browser window and are displayed as the main link in search results (see the search results image below). Page titles should be short (60 -70 characters), descriptive and contain your main Keywords and should ‘entice’ searchers to click on them.
META Description
This appears in the < head > section of your website, although it’s not visible to your visitors, Google uses it to understand more about your web page and it is displayed under the Page Title in Google Search results.

Website SEO

IMG alt & Title tag
The IMG alt tag provides another opportunity to add relevant Keywords to your web page. Invisible to visitors (but read aloud by Screen-readers), it is used to tell Google what that image is about. The title tag, obviously, is the title for the image (it can also be used on links, see below) – hover over the image above and the little yellow tool-tip that appears contains my image title, in this case “Website Marketing & Analysis”.
Navigation – your Menu & on page links
Your menu & links should make it clear to visitors what information they will get when they follow that link. Choosing the right link text benefits your visitors and your SEO ( see also “Coding & Structure” below).
For visitors and Search Engines alike it denotes the importance of those words – tailor your headings to include your Keywords and describe the following content.


I’ve mentioned Keywords a lot in the section above. Choosing the most effective Keywords takes effort to research Search trends and apply them to your website.

Keyword research is too big a topic to cover here, I’ll be posting an article to help you understand them soon. Very simply, Keywords are the words and phrases that your visitors use to find your products and services.

Website Content

Creating good content can be hard work, I’ll provide suggestions on how you can improve your copy by optimising the placement of your keywords and structuring your page to get more conversions (turn your visitors into customers).

Coding & Structure

The way in which your Website is coded makes a big difference to your Search Engine Rankings. Semantic, valid coding makes your website easier for Google to understand and interpret.

Using Flash or JavaScript for your Navigation (links) or to provide important information to your visitors can ‘hide’ that content from Google. While your website may look great, unless people can find it all that design is going to waste.

Optimising your Website

You can start today, using the information above you should be able to see areas in which you can improve your website.

For a complete and professional Website Analysis get in touch and you can start enjoying better Search Engine Rankings and more Business today.