Website Marketing & SEO

Keyword research, Copywriting, Google Maps & Analytics.

SEO for a new Website

This is the ideal and easiest situation. I naturally incorporate Search Engine Optimisation into the initial planning stage of the Website Design.

I’ll find out what your business offers, who your customers are and use that information, combined with research on popular relevant searches, to get the best and most effective Keywords and phrases to market your website.

These Keywords can then be incorporated into your websites’ design & content strategy right from the start to give it the most initial success.

SEO for existing Websites

Optimising existing Websites for Search Engines is a little more tricky, there are a number of existing factors to consider.

In these cases, I conduct a full Website Analysis that explores all the different areas of your website and the effect they have on Search Engine Rankings.

As well as Keyword Research, the actual structure of the website can make a huge difference to how it is perceived and ranked by Google. A website developed using Web Standards that contains identical content to one developed in Flash or using Tables for layout will, quite simply, perform better.

Start simply

When dealing with Table based or Flash websites, simply recoding the website to use well structured, semantic markup can produce far better results than expensive Adwords campaigns or huge monthly fees to dedicated SEO companies. It’s essential to get the basics right before paying for the ‘extras’.

Ongoing Website Marketing & SEO

Once you have the basics in place, it’s time to start earning incoming links. The type of link building strategy you use will depend heavily on your business and customers. For example, a business based on your expertise may benefit greatly from a regular Blog, whilst a holiday rental property would be better served by relevant on-line and traditional advertising.

I’d welcome the opportunity to look at your website or business to discuss which options would serve you best. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Further Reading

I’ve deliberately avoided getting into all the details on this page. SEO is a huge subject and even trying to cover the basics would have made this page a mile long.

My Articles section provides informative insights into the subject and is regularly updated.